Speaker FAQ

Do you have questions about speaker management? Find below the most important questions for speakers of droidcon TO.

Who is my contact person for Speaker Management?

For questions, please send an email to simryn@mimic.ca

How can I submit my talk for droidcon TO?

You can submit your presentation here.

Which presentation formats are available at droidcon TO?

We have 3 talk formats: Session times are 45 minutes (including Q&A). Lightning Talks are 20 minutes (including Q&A). Workshops typically last 90 minutes (including Q&A).

When does the Call for Paper close?

The Call for Paper is open until September 15th, 2019. You can submit your presentation here .

How are the talks selected for droidcon TO?

Submissions will be evaluated by our program committee consisting of experienced Android professionals. Selected speakers will get an acceptance email from us in September.

When will I know if my talk was selected?

The program committee will need about 2 weeks after the Call for Papers has concluded to vote on and choose talks. Selected talks will get an acceptance email from droidcon TO.

When can I see the program?

We will continuously publish accepted sessions on our website over the next few weeks. In addition, the talks will be published via our social media channels. First schedule will be on the conference website early October.

What are the reimbursement guidelines for speakers at droidcon Toronto?

Travel and accommodation will be covered on a case-by-case basis. If you require financial assistance, please reach out to us once your talk has been selected and before September 15th so that we have time to get everything ready. In our experience, most companies will cover your expenses to travel to speak at conferences. If you are a Google Developer Expert, we can also apply with Google to have your travel expenses covered. We also offer some sponsorship benefits for companies that cover speakers travel expenses and would be happy to share those details with you.

Are the Sessions recorded?

Each Session will be recorded and made available to the participants in a timely manner.

Where will the sessions be published?

All sessions will be posted on our global community platform.

When do I have to make my presentation available to the droidcon team?

Your presentation will be collected from our stage managers. They will sync your presentation on a USB memory stick. In every room (track) there is a stage manager and a media technician who can help you. Please provide us with the presentation no later than 1.5 hours before your presentation.

Which technical equipment is on site?

Our conference is supported by default with audio / video technology. If you present with your own laptop please make sure that you carry all the adapters with you. If you have special requirements please contact our team in time.

Do speakers get a free ticket to the conference?

Accepted speakers will get a free ticket for themselves and one guest. If you already bought a ticket, let us know and it will be refunded. Expenses will be reimbursed on a case by case basis - please let us know shortly after being selected so that we have time to get everything ready.

How do I get a letter of invitation?

To receive a letter of invitation, please contact us to request the required information.

We'll get back to you ASAP!

Will I receive complimentary registration?

Yes. Speakers receive a free ticket to attend droidcon TO.

Will my travel be reimbursed?

If you are a GDE, please book your travel through the proper Google portal. For all other speakers, we will evaluate travel reimbursement needs on a case by case basis. In most cases we are able to provide some level of support.