Testing Beyond Unit, Integration and E2E

Jimmy Dieng

Android Developer


Jimmy is an Android Developer at WhatsApp. After working in the industry for over 3 years, Jimmy has a passion for the latest technologies and understanding how further automate code to catch regressions.


# Abstract
So you’ve adopted one of those architecture patterns (MVP, MVVM, MVI, etc) and now your codebase is super testable. You have tons of unit tests for your views and business logic. You have some integration tests to make sure they all work well together. You have fewer end to end to test for critical flows by launching the actual app. So all is fine and dandy and now you app is ready for prime time right? Well… maybe not.

How does your app work with right to left languages or with Android 10, how does it look like in dark mode? Lastly have you thought about the accessibility experience? In this session, we’ll go ways to verify your users have a delightful experience and how your team can continue to ship amazing code with confidence.

# Talk Format:
25-30 minutes

# Outline:
- Introduction (1 minute)
-- Quick introduction of myself
-- Outline of what will be covered
- Talk about RTL & Dark Mode & Screenshot tests (5 minutes)
-- The need for things to feel local in other countries
-- How to automate this with screenshot tests
- Walkthrough of screenshot tests with code snippet (10 minutes)
-- https://github.com/facebook/screenshot-tests-for-android
-- Activity Screenshots
--- Screenshot.snapActivity(activity).record()
-- View Screenshots
--- Screenshot.snap(view).record()
- Output of Tests
- Accessibility Testing With Code Snippet (10 minutes)
-- Testing via Espresso
-- SetUp: AccessibilityChecks.enable()
-- OrAccessibilityChecks.enable().setRunChecksFromRootView(true)
- Accessibility Scanner
-- Manual Tests
- Conclusion (2-3 minutes)
- Q&A (5 minutes)

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