Google Flutter: The Next Frontier in Mobile Development

Kamal Shree

Freelance, Flutter Developer, Youtuber


I am a software developer with 11 years of experience in Web Technologies, Android and recently, Flutter. I have worked for multinational firms in India, the Netherlands and I am currently living in Chicago. I am an active Youtuber(whatsupcoders) and I have posted more than 85 video tutorials on Flutter programming and interviewed Google Developer Experts.


Since its release in late 2018, Flutter has become one of the fastest growing programming languages. It is projected to grow in leaps and bounds with the release of Flutter for Web. In this presentation, I will talk about some new and exciting developments in the Flutter universe. I will demonstrate the following topics through some practical use cases.

1. Get Animated with Flutter – would explain key animation concepts

2. Webviews in Flutter – explanation of the plugin with an example

3. State Management – best practices in state management

4. Flutter for Web – exciting development with which the single codebase is now extensible to web applications

5. Interesting Flutter Packages - showcases some of the latest packages

With each use case, the audience will discover the strength and utility of Flutter when applied to real-world programming instances. The presentation will not only introduce what is latest, but it would also show when and where to use the tools when coding with Flutter.