“Why is everyone else smarter than me?”: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Phil Shadlyn

Android Developer


I love Android even more than baseball.

I’m an Android developer at Shopify based in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been working with Android since 2011 and have written and contributed to a wide variety of Android applications, spanning the commerce, travel and healthcare industries. When I’m not behind a keyboard, there’s a good chance I’m either at a baseball game, playing the drums or enjoying a pizza… Ideally all three.


One of the greatest things about Android is the strength and passion of its developer community. But at the same time, this collective strength can also bring out feelings of inadequacy within ourselves. Have you ever thought to yourself: “Everyone at work is so much smarter than me”, or “I don’t belong here, how did I ever get hired?” Whether or not you know it by name, Imposter Syndrome causes us to doubt our abilities and overlook the personal and professional success we’ve already achieved. It can also invoke intense feelings of anxiety, fear and insecurity within ourselves, and is something I have personally struggled with for most of my professional career.

If your fight with Imposter Syndrome has got you feeling like a fraud, don’t worry… you can win! Join us and you’ll learn the ins and outs of Imposter Syndrome and how to tackle it head on - turn the negative thoughts into positive ones, quiet your inner critic, and come out feeling more secure, confident, motivated and energized.