Sealed classes, unsealed complexity

Sanchita Agarwal

Product Engineer

Sanchita has been working in Android development for over eight years, and works at Obvious as a Product Engineer. She is also founder of #WomenDroid in Bengaluru, a community that supports and mentors women working in technology.

Sanchita graduated with a Bachelors in Information Technology. With a keen interest in making accessible and user friendly software, Sanchita has previously worked with companies like Samsung and OlaCabs.


Kotlin Sealed classes are more than fancy enums.

Find out how you can build better user experience and write more cohesive and less coupled code using sealed classes, through this easy to understand talk. I will be using very relatable examples drawn from my own work, and explore how traditional options compare to newer Kotlin-based solutions.

In the first section, I will cover what failures mean and how can we treat them as first-class citizens. I will then go on to discuss view states and how can we leverage sealed classes to implement them

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